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FlexRex commences 101-day book review March 25, 2006

Posted by brueckner in 101-Day Book Report.

AP NewsWire: Portland, Oregon.

FlexRex, Fictional Blogger today announced plans to review a self-improvement book in daily entries over the course of 101 days. The book, entitled 101 Ways to Transform Your Life by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, was painstakingly selected from 83.3 million Google references to the phrase “101 ways.”

“This may be the world’s first book review that ends up being longer than the book,” said FlexRex. “I was looking for an editorial calendar for my blog and I thought, why not try each one of these principles a day at a time and then write about it?”

Another twist to this story has to do with the fact that FlexRex is a fictional character. “What we have here is a pathetic cartoon character who works in his bathrobe from home,” said a reader of FlexRex who asked to remain anonymous. “If he really wants to change, who are we to tell him not to believe in Gipeto?”

You can follow FlexRex on his 101 day journey starting here.


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